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Maybe someone here who's up on their Lugers can tell me what a P.09 is? An 08 I know.
Also - an 8 inch barrel. Maybe an afterwar parts commercial unit?

Barrel is marked Bohler Stahl Made in Austria.
DMW Toggle. 1918 marked receiver.

Numbers match on the parts, other than the mag.

No pics sorry.


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"1908" was the year of German acceptance, so it's a "P.08" pistol... "Pistole.08"... Models like the Mauser "C-96" were "Construction of 1896".

Likewise, Walher's pistol was accepted in 1938, hence a P.38 pistol.

There are other models with a "9" in the model... In particular, a CZ made in .380 caliber.

Pictures or reference would be helpful...
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