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I had my 638 out (of my pocket) tonight for a much needed cleaning. I purchased this revolver back in June of 2014. I immediately proceeded to take it to the range and before long it went into my pocket. It has been there most days ever since. It is my constant companion. I probably had run 1000 rounds through it within the first 6 months and have no doubt it's seen at least 3000 rounds. I shoot this out to 30 yards regularly . Had a gun shop employer tell Curt and I that they weren't accurate past 15 or 20 feet. We laughed and said we had no problem at 30 yards, but we shoot them a lot.
As I was cleaning this, I was thinking about how long it has been carried, and that it has held up really well. There are a few scuffs and scratches but overall the finish is holding up pretty well. I have carried it with 4 different sets of grips. The current setup is a pair of undersized service type rosewood panels with a Tyler T grip adapter. This is probably the most minimal grip configuration you could find. The panels are thin, and shy of the grip frame by maybe a 32nd all around . I thought it might be brutal to shoot, but found it not too bad.

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