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Looking for scope

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I recently purchased a Volquartsen .22 rifle with the stainless finish. I'm looking for a scope in a similar finish. 2x7 or 3x9 power. Most of my shooting will be 100 yards or less. Doesn't seem to be much out there in a silver or gun metal finish. Thanks.
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Have you look into a SWIFT brand scope? IIRC they have a few different models in Silver.
Have you done a google search for "silver scope" yet? That may get you to your goal pretty quickly.
I wish you well in this endeavor.
Leupy makes one, so does Burris. Considering what you spent for Volks stick (if you bought it new), I'd not be concerned too much with the finish on the scope and instead purchase a quality optic like a Swarovski or a Schmidt and Bender or even a US Optics.

There's a Burris and a Vortex listed there, among others
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