I have a model 58 circa 1974 and I’ve read that S&W stopped numbering grips in the later 70’s so I’m thinking that it originally had numbered grips from the factory. Mine came to me with numbered grips but not the correct number. I know it’s a long shot/needle in a stack thing but why not ask. I’m looking for the pc magna grips that number to it, N273138. There’s a 1 in a million chance, or however many were manufactured, that a member has that set, not likely but a possibility. Gotta be “pc magna” though. I’m assuming that the grips were swapped to Pachs or something more comfy to shoot and when wood grips were reinstalled by the armorer when the department went to another caliber they didn’t attempt to find the correct numbered grips. It’s not a I gotta have them thing but most of my older S&W’s have the correct numbered grips. I like numbered grips and skinny girls :cool:.