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Very nice indeed. Seems almost too clean and shiny, I wonder if it was refinished decades ago.
Regardless - a nice piece.
If it was refinished someone REALLY knew what they were doing and took their time to do it right.
All the pins are proud, the blued parts are all still blue.
Looks righteous to me. But I'm certainly no expert.

Neat old revolver, and welcome aboard zorappa.
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Welcome to the forums from the Wiregrass! That's freakin' gorgeous! Could we see the other side of the gun and the serial number stamped on the butt? Also, please take off the grips and post pictures of the grip frame. S&W stamped a star next to the serial number to show they had worked on the gun and the date on the left side toe. Looking at those locations will let us see if the finish is original.
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