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Hello all,

First off, apologies for not having any photos-I cannot seem to get the computer to recognize my phone to let me upload anything.

I'm looking for some help in confirming/dating what I believe to be an old S&W Model No. 1. From what I have found researching online, I am fairly confident that it is a Model No. 1, Second Issue (which is what I purchased it as), but I figured I should check with some people who probably know a lot more than I on the topic.

It is a seven-shot revolver, single action, and the chamber fits .22 Short. "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS" is inscribed on top of the barrel and the serial number on the butt is 77XXX. One thing I found which seems odd is that the cylinder only seems to have two patent dates on it-April 3, 1855, and July 5, 1859. From what I have dug up on the internet, it seems like these usually had three patent dates, but I may be mistaken-alternatively, it may just be that it is rusted out enough that I cannot see the third one. The front of the cylinder appears to have either "6/5" or "5/5" written on it, I am not sure what that means. The only other number I found can be found behind the barrel when it is tipped up, "55", no slash.

I'm hoping to confirm the gun's model, but also looking to see if I could find a year of manufacture, if possible. I know it would be in the 1860-1868 range if I have the model correct, but I've heard that one can find dates of manufacture by serial number in the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson. Of course, I've no idea if that even goes back that far, but if anyone knows if they might have that information in the book (or even better, if they happen to have a copy and would be willing to look it up), that'd be great.

Thanks all!
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