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A friend at work offered up a Glock 23 .40 with fresh night sights and four mags for $400. I like the .40 for home defense and I didn't have a pistol with a rail. This G23 had the rail and I figured it was a good deal. I really like it for home defense with the tactical light I now have attached.

A few years ago, our doorbell rang at 1:30 am. I found that a flashlight in one hand and my pistol in the other was less desirable than a pistol with a light attached. I like having one hand free to open doors and fence gates.

So this season, I would like my wife to try the "off-duty" combat shoots I attend through the police league I shoot in. Civilians are welcome. The shooting distances are rather short (15 yards max) and I think it would get my wife more acclimated to shooting a pistol (she handles a single action revolver really well in Cowboy Action Shooting).

I didn't want her to have to deal with a double action trigger (transitioning from one trigger pull to another) or a hammer decocking lever, or even a thumb safety. I wanted either a Glock, a Ruger SR9, or a S&W M&P. And I wanted one of these in 9mm since the recoil is lower and the ammo cost is less.

Then the same buddy at work suggested a Lone Wolf .40 to 9mm conversion barrel. $99 from the manufacturer. Besides the drop in barrel, all I need are 9mm Glock Model 19 magazines. The recoil spring, extractor, etc stay the same.

The barrel arrived in three days and I got a great deal on four G19 mags online.

My total cost for the barrel and four mags was $200. Not bad. Now I have a 9mm pistol my wife can shoot in the matches. I'm going to test the package out at the range on Tuesday. I like how the thicker 9mm barrel looks at the muzzle. I even like the Lone Wolf logo on the top of the barrel too! Fun!

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