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I recieved my equipment and set it up for 38spl. I have two manuals on hand, Modern Reloding 2nd edition and Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th edition. I purchased 158grn swc, Universal powder and remington primers. The Lee Manual list a 158grn lead bullet. The Lyman manual list a 158grn Linotype, I don't know what that means.
The recipe for these two are very different. I tried the Lee recipe as follows, 158gr. swc, 3.7grains of universal, and an oal of 1.475. I loaded two cases and put them in my 586 and stepped out on the patio and fired them, I had taken a couple factory rounds out as well.I couldn't tell any real difference. Does this sound like a decent target load?

Now that I got my feet wet I have more questions than ever, however I did learn that it takes some feel when seating and crimping the bullet. I was soon able to tell when I would over do it and seat it to deep and over crimp. An interesting thing is the over crimped rounds will not fit any S&W revolvers but go right in Charter arms undercover.

Another confusing thing for me is in the Lyman manual, it states, "bullet #358429 closely duplicates the factory 158 grain semi-wadcutter. This is the Elmer Keith design bullet and makes an excellent choice for hunting." When I look that number up it list it as 170 gr. linotype and is very similiar to the recipe I used from the lee manual but I don't understand the contradiction in weight. Thanks for any input. Dave
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With the advent of modern printing linotype is hard to come by.I used up the last of mine five years ago. Laser cast makes some great bullets, about the same hardness. :)
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