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lite loads for the .500S&W oh my!!!!

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five shots,, fifty feet, offhand (the tree was making hostle movements towards me and i felt the need to protect myself :roll: )
anyhow..lite load of 10 grains of unique with a 375 grain hardcast bullet. (honest it's listed as a "lite- load") penetration was more than enough, recoil wasn't that bad about the same as a hot .44 special.

tree was roughly 5 inches thick....

backside of tree.....

needless to say i'm impressed...
and i think i have a new heavy "plinking" load.. lgnngp
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WOW is right!! :shock: :shock:
awsome. Do you have any idea what fps this load generates?
it's listed as being somewhere around 850-900 fps..
375 Grain bullets like chucking boulders at that poor tree.Pretty cool.
pretty cool. The 500 MAGNUM is on my list.
As a handloader I must have one.
I have had good luck with lyman's 49th reloading manual's starting load of 14.5 grains of
unique for the 500 grain jacketed bullet, however, i use it behind my own cast bullet of 440
grains, out of a Lee mold. i cast this bullet out of wheel weights, and drop them out of the mold straight into water. this hardens them to the extent that i dont use the gas check. velocity is probably around the 1150 fps mark. recoil feels like a pretty stout .44 magnum load. like i said, havent chronographed it yet, but accuracy is around 3 inches at 50 yards, off
sandbags. i love this gun & cartridge combo! has lots of promise for the person who handloads.
The 500 is a cool gun. kfjdrfirii

Why do I own a 500 S&W magnum?

The 500 makes a wonderful gardening tool. I blast a couple rounds into the soil and drop the tomato plants right in. 1 round plants 35 tomato plants by the way, if anyone wants to know.

Because hitting 'em with a filing cabinet gives too much warning.

Because dropping a boulder from aircraft is less acurate.

Because I was running out of ways to annoy other range members.

The 500 magnum fits into my range bag

It is easier to transport that a 105mm Howitzer

Wooley Mammoth season.

Digging a new well.

Great White sport fishing.

Fallujah silhouette shooting matches.

At night that muzzle blast beats flares

We need a .500 because it is not money that brings happiness, but POWER. And we need the .500 simply because no one makes catapults any longer.
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What is your velocity with this load?
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