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Lets See Some 41`s !!

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In my opinion , the 41 has to be one of the greatest 22`s ever !! The fit and finish of the early ones are just beautiful !!
My 41 is always in my bag when going to the range !!
Here`s a pic of mine ...........

I picked that up about a year ago for $800 at a local shop . To my surprize I went out back to pick up the box and extra mags when low and behold in the box was a complete extra barrel with a Bushnell Holo site !! Unreal !! He never made mention of it . The funniest part was the gun was there for a couple of months !! B-)
Sometimes I guess you get really lucky !!

Lets seeum boy`s !!
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Mine also has some electronix on the 7" Barrel

But the 5 1/2" barrel length balances best.
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Ralph, great gun and story. I saw one at a local shop for $800 and it was nowhere near that condition much less with an extra bbl, sight, and mags and box. I would say you won. Some dealers are like that, they don't consider the extras probably because they don't factor in the cost when they buy it from someone. James
Hey James ,
I really lucked out with that one !!

Sure does`nt happen all the time . I feel guilty shooting it as much as I do but their just a great gun to shoot . Having the extra bbl set up makes it that much better !! Thanks !!
The 'poor boys' got M-46's.
Here's mine, from 1957.
It's so accurate it scares me!
Many 46's have a high-gloss triggerguard.
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I've managed to shut down my gun buying for a long time, but if a nice M-41 or M-46 came along, I'd probably give in!

What barrel lengths were the M-41s and M-46s offered in?

Hey xtm ,
I believe 5 1/2 and 7 inch . I know they are getting pricey but their well worth it .

Shooting the 7 inch gun is really accurate !! Besides the end of the barrel is almost at the target !! :mrgreen:

Nice Don , nothin poor lookin about that gun !!
Here's my A series gun with 3 barrels: the long barrel with muzzle break, the 5 1/2" heavy barrel with extendable front sights, and the 5" light 'sporter' barrel.

One of my favorite Smiths.

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I have but one...I held off for years due to the fact that I had several great shooting .22s...Sig Trailside and (4) Rugers (all 4 with great upgrades in the trigger/sear area)...

On day I my 7" big bargain, but it was so clean I took it home.

Honestly, it's a far better gun than the others. I love shooting it and have tried to snag a few extra magazines whenever I can.

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I bought my seven inch last summer in gun broker for 450 bucks.Not two days after I sent the money order off I found the 5 and half inch for sale in a sporting section of a atlanta paper and paid 400 for the gun with two extra clips and it is pristen condition both A serial numbers.
I truly lucked out on both of them.
I heard the 46 is rare to find and command more money.My father in law shot competition in the army and recognized my model forty ones right off. I was a little puzzled though because I had understood the 46 was desighned for the airforce.I originaly was gonna get one gun and round up a sport barrel and a long and short one. Also one with the sliding front site.But stummbling onto the two guns for the price of one was rare good fortune for me.
Nice lookin' guns guys. I want a 41 but man are they expensive. Onenut58, you found two great deals. I can't find anything under $750-$800. And you get two under $450 a piece, what a deal. If you want to make a quick $150 on one of them, let me know. ;)
I searched all over the net and shops for months and just lucked up on both of them.You just gotta snoop around and a deal will come along.I have noticed in the auctiuon sites if you find a gun that the auction ends on a week day and in the middle of the day where people on the west and east cost are still at work you can usualy get a deal.
Because most people wait until the last hour up to the last minutes to place there bids and its hard to do that if your at work.I also noticed if you take the time to go way into the adds many pages you find better deals because a lot of people will not take the time to read through all of them.
Once I won the bid on the 7 inch for 450 I googled model 41 smith and wesson parts for sale. I was looking for a sports barrel for it. This link to a atlanta news paper comes up and I call the guy and he wants 400 bucks for the other one.He also tried to sell me a marlin in exellent shape chambered in 45-70 for 300 bucks.I was tapped out buying the forty ones or I would have jumped on that to.If I had been a member in here I would have let some one know about that deal.
Believe me good deals are usualy what other people get in my case. I see so many people posting in here showing pics of a nice k-22 five screw they got for some out ragous good price and I cry.I had to pay 425 for a 17-4.Very nice gun but just not the same as having a five screw.
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Check out this one. Its a shooter because the blueing is blotchy on the barrel.But it could be touched up easily and barrels are interchangable.The rest of the gun looks real nice including the grips
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