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Ladies and gentlemen...

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I want to point out something that I'm sure we'll be experiencing from this point forward.

Since there has been such a boon in gun and ammo sales the last few months, I feel certain that a large part of those people may be unfamiliar with guns in general.

I feel that we will experience a good many newbie-type questions here on this forum. I also expect a lot of those questions will concern which ammo to use in which gun, etc.

While some of the questions may seem to be so basic as to be unnecessary to ask, please keep in mind that someone new to guns probably doesn't know and is just trying to find the answer.

We can be ambassadors of goodwill to their newfound gun world and give a great first impression. Think about it.. Don't we all want as many gun owners in our country as possible? Don't we want to encourage as many as possible to not just buy a gun, but also to learn of this great hobby we all enjoy?

That's what I choose to do, anyway.. I hope everyone on this forum does too.
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Excellent post Carl and I agree. I am still learning everyday of my life and love to share what ever I can to anyone that wants to know.
Good point. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. That's why we keep ya around Carl, always thinking so we don't have to! :mrgreen:

Maybe an ammunition stickie is in order, like on the gunsmithing forum done by 500Magnumnut.
f150guy said:
Good point. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. That's why we keep ya around Carl, always thinking so we don't have to! :mrgreen:

Maybe an ammunition stickie is in order, like on the gunsmithing forum done by 500Magnumnut.
Glad to oblige! :D

I'm not so sure a sticky is in order, but I did copy it to the Lounge.. It'll probably be read more there.
I meant a sticky of FAQ's onthe ammo forum, to deter multiple commonly asked questions when it comes to ammo. Just a thought.
That's a great idea! But.. who would be best to write it?

Excellent thought Carl. Lets spread the good word.
i would love to, but my knowledge is limited, and i will be the first to admit that.

i am sure that someone would be honored to do it! How did 500 magnum nut get chosen to do the gunsmithing sticky?
For starters, I would put Saxonpig's +p article up there.
Maybe a definition of all (most) of the abbreviations for ammo
ie. jhp, fmj, swc, lrn, etc.
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You're coming up with some great suggestions. Now all we need is someone to volunteer to write it!
why are you lookin' at me like that? :mrgreen:
f150guy said:
why are you lookin' at me like that? :mrgreen:
weiweinp nfiofnp
What a wonderful idea!
Obviously, 500 Magnum Nut is a veritable encyclopedia of information, and a fine member who shares a great deal of information with all of us.
Today at the range, our owner expressed the view that even more entire families are shooting now, and yes, there are tons of folks just getting into the 'gun ownership experience'.
Hopefully, we can shepherd them towards a well-rounded experience in our hobby.
What we don't want or need is a cadre of reactionaries who picture themselves as vigilantes, long on talk but short on knowledge.
Education will be the key!
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Excellent idea Carl.
Great suggestions F150!
One person may be the wrong way though.
Many of us are shooters of S&W revolvers but how many are well versed in SAA/Rugers, double action semi autos, single action semis, small size, large caliber DAO semi autos , small DAOs in 22, 32, 380 etc,,,,,,, and an X frame and a LAR Grizzley too.
Carl and F150 are on to something but, I think it will be a team effort.
You make a very good point...

I know most of my experience is with revolvers and most of them have been S&W.

If we're going to do this, we're going to need everyone's imput.
Agreed. O only got the ball rolling in another post. i am by no means well versed in anything! I have only been a gun owner for a little over a year now. My contributions would only be what I have picked up thus far.
Its a six shooter so I know it takes six bullets!
I was just tryin to be respectful....
Carl, I think the team concept is good, I shoot a lot of revolvers as you in mostly 38/357, 44 mag and 41 mag. I do have several rifle calibers too and a load of 22s. So I would be glad to offer what I know on the site but am still learning myself. I do not mind being a part of a team concept in getting something up. Some of the reloading manuals like Lymans have real good information on some of the ammo and we may be able to use some of this information too.
In case nobody noticed, this thread is from 2009. As it turns out, we never did need to come up with a comprehensive list of what goes in what gun, so it just never happened. Thanks for the offer though.
This thread was only bumped because adam likely posted in the wrong thread, somehow.
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