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Knives made by Bob Dozier

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I've used a couple of Dozier knives for many years. I've found them to be the best I've ever come across for holding an edge.

Is anyone else familar with these great knives??? I have a Yukon Pro Skinner(K-16) and Master Skinner(KS-1) that I've used many, many years for deer & elk hunts, and more camping trips than I can count.

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Don, I've heard and read about Dozier knives. I have some of his copied work, but none of his originals. Never heard anything bad about them, they all seem to be very clean and functional designs. A very good maker to collect from. Be careful though, collecting knives can be as bad as firearms, if not worse!!!!

Hey Don, check out the Ka-Bar line of Doziers. I've heard nothing but good things about them. They are made in Taiwan but I've heard they're very strong. ... 20Products

Leighton you're right about buying knives. I have bought many in the past few weeks that I have been laying off guns. James
Jamn 44, Sounds like you got it, nothing you can do about it but buy more.
Jamn 44, the Kabar knives are well made, but don't have the edge holding capability of the real Dozier knives.

Bob Dozier's heat treatment and grind of D2 steel is legendary for keeping a sharp edge. His knives are custom hand-made, and thus a little pricey, but are made to be used, and used a lot (not safe-queens).
They are working knives.

If you ever try one, you will be sold on the quality and value.

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