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knife making

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Wondering if any of our members has given knifemaking a go...

I want to start with some simple kit style knives and maybe go to the next level or two. If you've already done this, any advice?

I've bought the books about the Loveless method and have Goddard's book on setting up the equipment. I already own many of the tools and machines to start making knives even from bar stock. Part of my being in the trades ;) I have good friends that are accomplished blacksmiths to guide me in the black arts...

So, whaddya' think..I have a pretty good eye for design, have worked my life with hand and power tools...

Should I give it a go?

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You should do it, with your appreciation for knives and guns you will find it very rewarding. The big drawback is it will take up a lot of your time.

I made knives for a lot of years and really enjoyed it. I recently realized I didn't have one left that I made the blade. They sold faster than I could make them. I do have some customized ones around (I bought the blade).

To start try some of the blades and kits from Texas Knifemakers Supply, the Cryogenic treated ones are worth the extra few $. I sent mine there for this treatment when I made them.
These were made from kits using armadillo shell for handles.

This filet knife was made from a blade from TKS. Good luck finding new handle material like this without air bubbles. The sheaths are not hard to make if someone shows you how.

The guard is made from 2 pieces of nickel silver barstock and a piece of brass sheet silver soldered together. The pins are made from tubing filled with epoxy colored with pigment.

There are so many little things you can do that make a knife unique. It's a great hobby.


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I like that one, looks like a good skinning knife.
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