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knife making

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Wondering if any of our members has given knifemaking a go...

I want to start with some simple kit style knives and maybe go to the next level or two. If you've already done this, any advice?

I've bought the books about the Loveless method and have Goddard's book on setting up the equipment. I already own many of the tools and machines to start making knives even from bar stock. Part of my being in the trades ;) I have good friends that are accomplished blacksmiths to guide me in the black arts...

So, whaddya' think..I have a pretty good eye for design, have worked my life with hand and power tools...

Should I give it a go?

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I made a few from blade blanks a few years ago. I am more into the wood working than I am into blade making. I have a rubber wheel that I bought at a lapidary supply place years ago. It is 3" wide and 8" in diameter and takes abrasive sleeves from 80 to 800 grit. I also have a felt wheel for final polishing. I mount these on a wood lathe using a #2 Morse Taper.

Here is a knife that I made using Birdseye Maple.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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