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Knife hunting at the gun shops

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You guys are to blame. I'm going knife hunting this afternoon on my ride home. Hitting the knife counter at a favorite shop of mine. They handle a good deal of hunting knifes and I'm going to try to find something similiar to a Randall Bird and Trout. Who knows, they always have a few Randalls and once in a while a B&T. Thing is that I want the old pattern, and those are hard to find and pricey. But they carry the new lines of some better makers. I've kicked myself for over two years on a Beretta knife that was authorized by the Bob Loveless estate. This one was early and all Italian made. The new ones have their blades made in Japan and the scales are horrible in comparison.

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Giz, Good luck on the hunt, and keep me informed on that hawk. I'm still working on my Puma collection, got some grails I just have to have. Even though they are technically mass produced, the older ones are some of the prettiest knives made. Check out he has some of the better ones and his prices aren't to bad.

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