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Karma Drawing - NRA Mauser Rifle Publication

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For anyone who is interested in scholarship on Mauser Rifles, this is an out-of-print NRA publication of old articles on Mauser bolt guns from the American Rifleman. It's not very thick, but contains a lot of information on the various Mauser bolt-action rifles from the M-1871 to the M-1898.
Besides articles on history of the rifles, there are articles on sporterizing and IDing the various marks and stampings
...exploded diagrams and disassembly/assembly instructions, also handloads for the 6.5x55mm, 7mm, and 8mm

I'll hold a drawing in a few days for anyone interested.

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Neato!!! I will take the dreaded 1st spot. Count me in. Bob
My gun library is growing......someday I'll have to read/reread much of it! Thanks alot! I love fancy, sporterized, military rifles. ;) This is absolutely a classic. Bob
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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