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K-frame 'keepers'

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Several years ago I refocused the collection towards prewar N-frames and Ruger flattops.
I kept five K-frames.
The M-1905 Third has been shown a bunch, so here are the other four.
They are all high-polish, and they all have their boxes, tools and paperwork safely stashed.
I shoot every one of them.
Enjoy the scenery! :D

1935 K-22 Outdoorsman's Revolver

K-22 4-screw 'no-dash' from 1958

M-53 4-screw Jet, from 1963

M-48 4-screw 'no-dash' .22 magnum from 1960
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very nice set of 4 there!

I also had gotten rid of many of my K frames and only had 2 617's for awhile. Now I have 3 more K frames in 38. They are about as bad as Nframeitis.... :)
Wow.. Beautiful!
But.. I can't imagine why you let those old guns take up space in your safe. I think you should just send 'em to me, and I'll get rid of 'em for ya'!
I like the 3" Model 66 Combat Magnums.... I had three and let my pal Gizamo have one not long ago.

He has better photoskills than I... wonder if we can get him to put up a fresh pic of it.... 'cides, my rocks are still covered in snow and ice.....

Pre war M&P Target or 1905 4th M&P Target 38 special. I had one of these in the 1960s but traded it to get a model 58 for duty. It took almost 40 years to find this one. Not likely to let it go now.

This model 19-3 with a 3" barrel wad made in 1970 but according to Roy Jinks it got its 3" barrel later.

This model 67 was the first one I saw in 1972. Only a .38 special but a good one. It was been worn both on and off duty, shot and modified a lot. It just keeps going. Modifications include Nite Sites, Round butt mod. to original Square butt, Remove S A notch and hammer spur. Remove original trigger stop and add screw type trigger stop.

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Sebago Son said:
I like the 3" Model 66 Combat Magnums.... I had three and let my pal Gizamo have one not long ago.

He has better photoskills than I... wonder if we can get him to put up a fresh pic of it.... 'cides, my rocks are still covered in snow and ice.....

I'm not sure how fresh that pic is going to be Drew. That 66 you speak of is now owned by yours truely. ;) Maybe he'll post one for old time's sake.
My favorite S&Ws are all K-frames. Quite a few have passed through my fingers, but only these two remain:

I wheedled my dad into buying this M-15 on my behalf at the local Woolco Dept. Store in 1966 - cost me ~$75. I wore off a goodly amount of the finish before I sent it back to the factory for a repair in the 1980s. They refinished it without asking my permission - but only charged me a nominal amount. I guess that I'm happy about that, and I am now trying wear off the finish again.

K-22 Outdoorsman from ~1936

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Here you go Drew. I did a search and stole Giz's picture too! :lol:

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May that 3" 66 serve you as well as it did me...

I suprised you were able to pry it out of Giz's hands...

Glad it stayed in the family though...


A convoluted deal between someone else you know, and myself...If you want that gun we discussed together last summer, while at the shop ~ the one with the wrong get it very soon. Our friend, the shopowner, has been diagnosed with leukemia and most likely will be closing. :cry:

I'm just happy that Cush ended up with that beauty....must be Karma.

Nice K frames posted so far.
These are my two keepers. The combat masterpiece was my Fathers old duty revolver.
The m&p snub was my Grandfathers. So these are my two favorites. The snub is original the combat masterpiece was restored with new grips, refinished and a new hammer and trigger. I have the originals that were recase colored. I have been too lazy to install them. One day I will put them back on. My younger brother and I both learned how to shoot revolvers with the combat masterpiece. My Dad would take us to the police station a couple times per month early on Sunday mornings. Back then just about all the precints had ranges in the basements. He would get a bag of 500 rnds for my brother and I. We had fun plinking away. Plus we had the advantage of being taught by some police pistol team shooters. That was big time fun. I was twelve years old my brother was ten. We had fun it was good way to get out of going to church on Sunday mornings. We never did finish a the 500 rnds but we made a good dent in those bags. My Dad would shoot his 1911. We were too small to handle the 1911. That came a couple years later. We could handle the 38's just fine.

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Some very nice K's gents! I have a couple to show if nobody minds.

1950 pre mod.10 K38 M&P

1962 17-2

1972 19-3

1952 Well used pre 18

Another 1950 pre. Mod 15

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Great guns. I've got a K frame that's kind of unusual. A mod 10-8, 2 1/2"
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Here is my one and only S&W Firearm...65-3 .357 Magnum 3" barrel w/ Hogue Grips. This thing is powerful w/ Magnum loads. I usually shoot .38's out of her cause the recoil kinda stings after a few dozen rounds...

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doublesharp said:
Doublesharp, that 2 1/2" Mod-10 with the heavy barrel and RB is righteous!

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