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I know you guys are used to seeing snow and long sleeves at our range sessions, but it was 85 degrees today with not a cloud in the sky. Fortunately the humidity was fairly low.
We had a good variety today. I brought my Springfield 1911 and my 2.5” 686-6. Had new grips to try out on the magnum. Curt brought his model 28 and his model 67. Tim had his 40 caliber Shield. My 638 made the picture but didn’t get shot.

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Here is our range setup for the day
Soil Land lot Tree Geological phenomenon Plant

We warmed up with some target shooting. I fired this from my 686, standing, offhand at 30 ft
Red Square

We set up a zipline target. When I originally made this a couple years ago, someone had to release the target. I have since modified it so shooting a steel plate on a stand will send the target down the line.
Here our friend Tim is up. The small, round, red plate activates the green silhouette
Geological phenomenon Soil Recreation Tree Trail

Here he has just knocked over the red plate and the green target is beginning to move
Geological phenomenon Soil Geology Recreation Tree

Its rolling pretty good by now. Pretty much at running speed.
Soil Geological phenomenon Recreation Shooting range Geology

Here I am guving it a try
Soil Fun Recreation Play Geological phenomenon

Soil Trail Recreation Fun Running

Curt did the best with his M28
If this works it will link to a video of him in action. Click where it says icloud, then click the little picture at lower left. You dont have to download it

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Yes...another great day at the range! Was really happy with how I shot the 4" HP, and really enjoyed the 67-5. The moving target drills were good and we tried a variety of scenarios to test our skills. Can't wait until the next range day.😎
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