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John and I have been talking about that old US Arms Abilene of mine. He and I have really hit it off over the phone. At anyrate, looks like I will be shipping it out to him this Spring. He is willing to do the .454 Casull Conversion to it that he is famous for. He would not do it unless it was one of the New York guns, and fortunately ~ mine is. Hard to believe that I have a year and a half into rebuilding this gun. I went as far as I could finding original parts and pieces ~ but when the transfer bar self destructed, it sadly was the end of the trail. Don't have a clue how much all this work is going to set me back, but at this point I figure having a gun that he customized will be worth it.

There is something very special about this gun, as it was SN 1500 and has a 4.5" barrel with a sourdough front sight. The story of US Arms and Bill Ruger are the stories of legend. And this gun was produced while Ruger was deciding to sue them out of existance or grant them a license to use his patents. In the end, Ruger said that these guns were built to such fine standards that he wanted to see them continue...

Most folks figure that if Ruger ever had a Performance Shop, this is the gun they would have produced...


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Those are so scarce! Few shooters would ever have bought one from a catalog photo because they were so much more expensive than a Ruger. Only after a shooter had the chance to examine one in person would he appreciate the extra fit and finish, and realize just what fine firearms they are.

Do you know just how it found itself up your way?


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It was at a booth at the Augusta gun show, here in Maine. Nobody knew much about it, other then it came in as a trade. But at $350 I knew it was going home with me :mrgreen:

All kidding aside, and with LordSlashcat as my witness...the very first shot I made with it punched the center of the 10 ring at 15 yards. It has a distinctive serial number ~ 1500. There were only 500 .45 Colts made and I am giving serious thought to having this in the .454.

John has suggested that he just might turn it into a hammer mounted firing pin gun, thus making it necessary to only carry it with five in the chamber. Think I'm liking that idea. ;)

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