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Ivory grips arrived from Tusker.

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Now I have to decide if I am brave enough to drill them and install the medallions. I prefer having them but this would a pricey goof if I mess up.
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They look very happy on their new home. Any story behind that scratched up revolver?
Those are beautiful, SP, and they really highlight the engraving.
Nice combo!
Some free advice from one who knows...
If you absolutely have to have S&W medallions, contact someone like Patrick Grashorn and see if he'd do a 'contract job' for you.
He's expert in working horn and ivory.
If you are prone to 'self experimentation', keep the drill press speed
s-l-o-w, rig up a positioning jig to keep the grip perfectly positioned, then run down to St Vincents and light a candle! :D
That is 1st Class!

I'd pay someone who does it frequently to install the medallions.... even the serial do-it-yourselfer in me would view that job as "treading where angels dare"....

Those are very classy looking! And, a nice lookin' combination with that scratched-up gun of yours..

I have to agree with the advice about installing medallions. Patrick Grashorn would be my pick. I'm sure he'd treat you right.
Well, I put the medallions in the stags that were previously on the gun and they turned out perfect. But the ivories cost about 4X as much and I would experience a heightened sense of nervousness with them.

azmick- It's a 10-5 that letters as sent to a CA dealer (letter says Haywood but there is no such city so I figure it's supposed to be either Hayward or Hollywood) in 1969. I saw it on an auction site about 5-6 years ago with a starting price of $150. It went around 3 times with no bids and I finally bid and bought it on the last day of the second relisting. My wife had it engraved as a 50th BD present when I told her I wanted to have at least one fancy gun.

Here's a pic with the stags I fitted to it and the leather I got for it.

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While i love Ivory, the picture with the stags and holster is outstanding.

I always preferred Ivory and Nickel. Just me.

But the revolver is dang nice.... :D
Nice engraving on a blued revolver! The ivory contrasts nicely.
When I growup and get rich I'll be able to afford Ivory. :( :(

Very nice!!!!!!
SaxonPig, I think they look just fine without the medallions, of course they would look good with them too. Either way they are pretty. I like them plain, but it's your gun & whatever pleases you is the way to go. Frank
Doc Pig, those look Great. Do you have medallions? BTW, I have a STUNNING pair of "N" frame Ivories in the ad's FS, WITH Medallions. :D CONGRATS!!
Here they are on a 4"27 that is also up for grabs. :)
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