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Our small group does a lot of show and tell. Almost all of us were in teh military at one point or the other and the one rule that seems to have stuck is .. when you hand a gun over for inspection the bolt is open.

So if one of us hands a gun over to a buddy so they can check it out it is always with either the cylinder open and to the side, or if its a semi the slide is racked and locked open. You inspect it before handing it over and they inspect it on hand off ... then we can try the trigger and all that other fun stuff.

While I of course think its important to always be safe .. I think some guys can get a little nuts. I have worked with peoples firearms regularly for years. While I am extremely careful .. there is no way I can work with it without on occasion pointing at myself .. it just is what it is. Its not Nitro ready to explode if I shake it to hard .. its a tool and I have worked with a ton of tools in my work life that were at least as dangerous.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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