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Hello Forum

here is another interesting Revolver, i think the Handgrips not original, but the Revolver is in good condition.
The Serial ia 34468 is on Frame, Barrel and Drum
And Frame and Barrel 8268 wit letter b or d i think B for Blackpowder

he has no Military Markings only the englis Flag Cross on Frame and drum

Do you know somting more about this kind of S&W

Regards Mario


make mine 45 acp 馃槑
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@Padrino1974 Not a model 10, but rather a 2nd model .455 HE from WW1 era.. Originally chambered in.455 Webley MK II it is not a black powder gun.

yours appears to have had a refinish, and the front sight mod, post WW2 wood grips. A big positive is that the cylinder has not been shaved - a great many have been modified to shoot 45acp.

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