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I just picked up a new M&P10 LE version with an 18" barrel. I've owned and used S&W firearms for years and when I decided to get a .308 AR platform rifle I decided on the M&P10.
When I got the rifle home and went to break it down so I could clean and lube it before going to the range I ran into a problem. The rear take down pin was impossible to work by hand. In fact, to get the gun open I had to put a wooden dowel against the pin and smack it with a hammer a few times. After closing the gun back up I had to repeat the procedure to get the take down pin to seat fully.

I know that having the take down pin be a bit snug is a good thing but I've never run into this before. S&W customer service was worse than useless and a complete waste of time.
I'm no noobie with AR platform guns. I've owned, worked with, built and taught the weapon almost continuously since I first qualified with an M16 in 1968. I can honestly say that in 50 plus years, I've never had a take down pin that had to be hammered out of the rifle.

It took me a long time to find the gun and from what I've been told there's currently a 9 month backlog on them. A couple of buddies and I want to go harvest some tasty wild piggies and I'm afraid that if I send it in to Smith, I won't get it back any time in the foreseeable future.

No range trip until I get this figured out so any ideas the board members have would be greatly appreciated.
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