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Hey y’all
Could really use your help identifying this old revolver my grandma found after grandpa passed.
I’ve included the best pictures I could take with my phone. And will give the best details i can.
It is a top break revolver with a 3 inch barrel.
The serial number stamped into the base of the grip as well as on the cylinder reads 57276.
The text along the top of the barrel reads
“SMITH&WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS U.S.A. PAT’D JAN. 17&24. 65” (next line) “ JULY 27. 65. AUG. 24. 69. FEB. 20. 1877. REISSUE JULY 25. 1878.”
The text on the top strap reads “PAT’D APR. 20. 75 & DEC. 18. 1877.”
This was the only information I could find stamped into the gun. If you need anything else, or more pictures let me know. I’m looking for all the usual suspects; history, date, rarity, rough value. All that good stuff. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forums from the Wiregrass! That looks like a Model 1-1/2 Single Action Centerfire from the mid 1880's. This model was chambered for the black powder .32 S&W cartridge which was the original .32 centerfire cartridge and is shorter than the .32 S&W Long cartridge. 32 S&W is still available in smokeless powder and can be shot in your gun if it is in good shooting condition.
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