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Improved Wilson Combat

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I was a little miffed today. One of my stock Kimbers actually outshot a long term favorite Wilson today... :shock:

Perhaps it was the new load and lead, or the fact that the Wilson was a early gun with a lot of lead down the pipe.

At anyrate, one of the ******* shooters is a fellow that posts under Lord Slashcat, here at the forum. He is my gun guru and mentor in many ways... ~~~~and so I got whiney about it with him..

George fitted a new full-length Wilson guide rod in it and mated it to a Ed Brown stainless bushing to really improve things. He then eliminated the spring buffer (as John Moses Browning intended) to get the proper (very tight) fit. We saved all the original parts. Had to laugh as he had all the parts in stock....

Next week, we'll see who's Boss again :mrgreen:

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It sure is fun playing with these 1911's, they can torment and gratify all at the same time. :)
c pierce said:
It sure is fun playing with these 1911's, they can torment and gratify all at the same time. :)

All my friends know me as a revolver guy. But I tell everyone that the Wilson is the one that they bury me with ;) My favorite gun, because it loves to torment me so... When we are in tune, we are very fast. When we disagree, well ~ I've lost more arguments to it then my wife :) ...

Kinda like the Britney of to be with, but nothing you'd take to the bank...

I put together a 1911 for my oldest son a number of years ago. Tightest freakin 1911 ever. He has it figured out, it's querks, ammo needs/wants, grip, etc.
If I remember what gun I'm shooting, the clouds disappear, the sun shines and rainbows form directly over head. But if you get a little big headed, it shows you who's boss.
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