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The F2 is part of the proofing. The marks are from the proofing process years ago I read something about the Spanish proof houses marking which powder was used to proof the barrel.
I agree with the above posts on your other questions. I started shooting BP in the early 70’s, very little info and my reference was old magazines and a Dixie Gun Works catalog. The catalog has changed but still has a lot of info as well as parts and supply’s.
I have always been a traditional shooter and have no experience with substitute powders, cleaning is all hot soapy water, rinse with as hot as you can stand dry in hot sun or us small electric heater fan, or hair blower then oil. Ballastoil is best I have found. We never had fancy cleaners or bore butter so made our own with crisco and beeswax, bore butter is much easier!
Your barrel is probably made to shoot sabots but a patched ball may be more accurate. I would try both until you figure out a load that works for what you plan to do with it.
When I got a particularly abused gun I would wrap a bore brush with steel wool and run down the barrel till smooth, the face of the breech we used to polish with cork and pumice but CVS uses a sort of recessed area which is a pain to clean. Breech plugs can be removed but probably not worth the trouble.
Unknown guns we would double charge and test fire strapped to a tire and fire with a string. Sounds hokey but that’s what the old timers did and worked for us also. Also to find max load was to shoot over snow covered ground with increased powder charge until in burnt powder was noticed, lol it works but is unnecessary. There is plenty of info on line about loads and with modern steel it is quite hard to blow one up. That said with a used guy it is better to work up a load on the range using both greased patched round ball to see what accuracy you can get out of it.
Have fun there is not much to them, once you have shot and cleaned it a few times you will either love it or hate it!
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