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I picked up an old 44 Special Yesterday-pics

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It's pretty pimped out. Kind of cool to look at this gun and ask..."where have you been"??

Would you guys recommend shooting this ol' gal? pbslinger suggested removing the grips before shooting (if I were to shoot it).


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That's a very nice old southwestern gun. Nice steer-head pearls and "pawnshop" engraving. Very collectible.

You certainly won't hurt that gun by shooting it with the appropriate ammo. Just don't hot rod it and try to make a magnum.

I would caution you about the pearl grips, though. They are quite fragile. You notice that there is already a chip on the right panel where it abuts the frame and this isn't too uncommon if there was a tight fit there and the recoil stressed the pearl. To be safe, I would remove the grips and safely store them if I was going to shoot the gun. Reserve the pearls just for display purposes. Be careful in removing them also.

Thanks Bob. I have some nice "easy going" .44 Special loads. I'll give the gun a try once I get the grips off the gun.

A fine example of a (I'll wager ;) ) Wolf & Klar!
Yes, Bobs right on that grip advice...the things are bringing lots of money these days, so keep 'em safe.
May I suggest 'Ten X' S.A.S.S.-approved factory loads in .44 special.
You can get a 200gr. or 250gr. lrn bullet, plenty of punch, but safe for the old ones.
Neat gun!
Very nice and I agree that you should take the grips off if you shoot it! Of course you might have some trouble this weekend shooting between the snowflakes!!!!! :mrgreen:
Very nice.
Dan M. from Tucson brings a few of those to the local gunshow. Yours appears very similar to some of his. I think they are a unique form of art with a history.
Thanks for sharing.
[email protected]
Based upon what I've learned since I started looking at this gun, I'd agree that it's a Wolf & Klar pawn broker's special Special. I will be sure to remove the grips before shooting. Thanks for the kind comments.

Isn't that a kicker! 67 one day and snow this weekend!! Thanks for the kind remarks.

I called Dan before I bought the gun...wanted his expert advice prior to pulling the trigger.
I like the implied (or real) history of such a unique gun.

Great gun and Pictures Bob

I dont know how much of an expert I am, everything I have learned has come from the guys on this board and the other forum too. I can say that the grips are most definately W&K and with that being said it stands to reason that the gun was engraved there too. Congrats on a great find.

Are there Roman numerals on the backside of the grip panels? some of mine but not all of them have VI or VIII or XIII on the backs.

Where do uze guys get this stuff? :?
Nice piece. :)
I'll look and let you know.

I don't know...heck these things just happen!! It's part of the grand scheme to empty my wallet!

Great talking to you yesterday-I hope you are feeling better! 8 degrees outside so I'm hanging in today and play with some HDs! :mrgreen:
Yes, it is all a grand scheme to empty your wallet, but you will feel better about it-after all, there aren't many things better than a good old classic S&W!
Here are pics inside the grips and frame.

It was nice sitting inside and enjoying the warmth today...did not venture out other than to let Jazper do her business.


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The photos eluded my computer earlier but are popping up now. That's a grand ol' .44 gun you have there.

You done good!
And I thought Dan M had cornered the market on those things
Thanks. The gun is in pretty good condition. I hope to shoot it this week now that the nice mother-of-pearl grips are safely tucked away.

I did too, he must of let one slip by!?

Very nice, congratulations on your find. Please let us know how it shoots!Take care and God bless. cordell
I like it, way cool. :-o :-o
Very nice, be sure to let us know, if you find out any history attached to this gun, please?
Thank you. Same to you sir!

Thank you. I enjoy taking it out of the safe and looking it over.

I have not lettered the gun but I'm guessing it made it's way to W&K in Texas! It's sure cool. I took the grips of and installed some range grips and actually shot the ol' girl. It's accurate as all heck! I am not sure how I would gain any history about the gun...but I bet it's been around the block a time or two!

My uneducated guess would be "it's a LEO gun from the past(from the SW part of our country)"? You could start with the area you bought it in and expand as knowledge is gained? Every FFL is required by law to keep records of whom they purchase guns from, that would be my starting place then expand to those people who sold the gun, for their knowledge and history? But, remember dealers aren't obligated to give out this information(unless your BATF).
I get stonewalled on this, most of the time, here in my area?
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