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Greetings fellow gun enthusiasts! Had an opportunity to do some shooting with my friends yesterday. It was an amazing Spring Like day in Southwest Lower Michigan. We are in the process of building a RANGE on my property. I invited my Neighbor over to join us and bounced a proposal off him. He has a tractor with a front end loader and box scraper that would be awesome to use to build the berm. He smiled and said, "Well, that's funny, I am renting an excavator next weekend to fix some ditches on my property, and need somewhere to dump the dirt". WIN WIN. He also has dropped some poplar trees, good sized ones, that we can use to help build the berm. We'll have a nice 150 yard range, multiple targets, setup tables for prep and sighting rifles, and many other fun features. Can you tell I am super excited. We all pitched in for the targets so my front end cost is barely $50.

We have named our RANGE. We call it.... "THE BADBOYS GUN DECK" We are proudly flying a 2nd Amendment flag over it. "Don't Tread on Me flying out in front of my place. GOD BLESS this NATION where we are FREE. And I am working on ways to keep it that way by engaging my Congressmen to not even think of infringing on my rights. "I AM 1776% SURE NO ONE WILL TAKE MY GUNS" A t-shirt I wear LOUD AND CLEAR! We will sometimes post a thing or two on our MEWE page. Check us out at
I fired my Sport 15, M&P Shield 9mm, and Beretta Storm .45 yesterday and yes....I hit some steel. My son and I hit the BLACK BULLSEYE swinger on our First Shot with his and my Shield 9mm. But when we pulled out the Sport.....WHOLE new ball game. The Targets spun all the way around from 100'. Amazing!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!

Here's a picture of one of the targets we setup and blasted yesterday. Y'all have a GREAT DAY!

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I own a large piece of Ground near Big Rapids. It's for hunting and camping. Not too far from the Nestle bottling plant.. Nice to have your own range, On the farm we own (SE Lower) we have a 350 yard range out back with shooting benches and a dirt berm with 1/2" steel plate behind that. I need that with the large caliber long guns I shoot regularly.
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