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But when I do....:coffee:

I last used in 2018. It was useful for finding out about information on a piece of land our family owned. Got some valuable insight.

My brother used and uses it. He confirmed that the Welsh-German ancestry was spot on, according to what we have been told. That we don't have Indian blood, although my mom was born on a reservation in Northeast Arizona. It is a great service.

My credit card showed a pending membership charge, and I decided to call them and cancel on my subscription. After being put on hold for a whopping two minutes, a friendly lady got on the line.

She quickly terminated my service, told me it had been two years and change since I last logged in. Refunded the last year for $99 and asked if she could help further. I thanked her, profusely.

Quick, efficient and pleasant. Actual customer service.

Contrast with a nationwide bank I have accounts with who put the stick to me. The "personal banker" put me in the preferred no monthly charge accounts, because we had two business checking. Later, started charging $30 a month. Got to maintain $25K in the personal checking. They refunded 4 months of a year's charges, and it was their mistake.

Or, just try to actually cancel a certain satellite news/entertainment vendor.

Several times, for service that came with the car and/or paid, it is like guerrilla warfare to exit their endless loop of being passed on to the next rep. With special "offers" to come back to them, during termination of service discussions, mail, email and unsolicited phone calls.

I got tired of being talked over, got rude. See the "Buh-Bye" skit on SNL.:mad: (y)

You might not need or want the service. But they understand the GOLDEN RULE!
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