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Trump is smart. But he is a layman. Many (most) physicians are not public health experts. Neither are most governors and mayors.

I worked in Arizona for state government in food inspection and animal health. Contributed to the Arizona pandemic flu plan. Served on the radiological response team, because I knew agriculture and animal industry. Palo Verde nuclear plant never blew up.

I had particular input, because I knew useful information to a team, that was mostly composed of county and state employees. They were the everyday heros. They live this stuff. They are the ones who mostly take care of the public health. They are the front men and women, who work these public health issues daily. And why things don't blow up in this nations face.

My employees were all uncovered. At will who can be fired for any reason or no reason. Just has to be legal. For me, additionally, could be terminated because I was not a Democrat. Or a Republican. Most Arizona state employees are uncovered, I think, these days.

Federal employees: Don't murder somebody, probably keep your job. Screw up big time. Reprimand.

Never mind trailing federal counterpoints pay and benefits.

So to the ignorant pundits. The self styled experts who are not epidemiologists, virlogists and public health managers up late trying to put out fires: give it a rest.

Hollywoodites attacking Trump et al: You know nothing, don't display your ignorance ten times a day.

And "The Feds"?

The grunts got your backs and the ones who risk their employment status if the mess up.

End rant.
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