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Hunting rigs (vehicles)

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Someone posted a thread like this over on 24 hour Campfire, so lets try it here. Let's see your hunting/back-country rigs (vehicle that gets you hunting or shooting). Here is one of mine, a 1964 GMC Carryall (Suburban) 4x4, with the orignal Jimmy 60 degree, 305 cubic inch V-6 (yes, SIX), with grandma low 4 speed. The low end this thing has is amazing, can lug her down to 300 RPMs! This shot was taken up in the mountains behind Oatman, AZ, and the snow is once in a decade, as it is usually 110 degrees here in the summer!
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I use my everyday transportation........a 2006 Ford Ranger Supercab XLT 2wd 3.0L Auto with larger fiberglas cap. I swapped out the original "weeny tires" and put on some serious rubber last fall. Got a "deal" on 4 Goodyear Wrangler AT's at WALMART. $55/tire....I just couldn't pass it up!!!! Love that place.

I really needed them this year!!!! :eek: At least, December and January. I "huroid it tru da grapevine" that it was going to be bad. It was!!! :roll: February has been pretty far. ;) Bob
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