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Apparently my Tuesday Laughs thread must of offended someone because the entire thread was taken down, sooo.....

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How about a Buick Electra 225? Or anything from the 1960's?

Had a friend that had a '63 225. Had a bench seat with a 3 speed on the floor (FACTORY), don't remember the engine... Wasn't much off the line, but once you got rolling that lead sled would haul the mail...
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This "Business Man's Coupe"?

401cid. Buick. 10.25:1 compression? Some way "TALL" Highway Gear....

What great automobiles!

At that time, REGULAR GAS was a REAL 91 Octane. Sunoco 260 was 107 REAL Octane.

Look at the pump, next time you gas up. R+M/2. What does that mean?

Well, "research" (Gov't) comes up with 75 REAL Octane. The Manufacturer (Big Oil Co's LIE/STEAL/CHEAT DEPT.) claims it to be 105 FAKE Octane.

So: 105 +75/2 =90 Octane. Big Oil "slaps" the "HI TEST" sticker on it, and charges the RUBES (us) $3.55/gal! :mad:

Point of this ramble?

Can not even purchase the gasoline to run such an AUTOMOBILE, today. :(

Any way, I'm thinking (headed into the "way back")....that engine was referred to as the "Wild Cat"? And by BUICK LOVERS as the "Nail Head"?

Input from someone with a better "way back" welcome! :ROFLMAO:

Later, Mark
Yeah, that's the engine. I remembered it was called a nailhead, but I forgot the displacement. 325 HP in 4400 pound car. 100 on the freeway felt like 45. We didn't have Sunoco... we had to survive on Super Shell at 104 octane. I ran Dodges then and that's all they would run on.
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Hey S Man,

They wrote 325 HP on it...

Most likely (on today's dyno) it would be nearer 375HP w/390 ft/lbs torque... ??

Fellow on my paper route had a '61 Chrysler 300. 413cid "Cross Ram" intake.

Speedo in car went to 160mph. So did the car! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Cars were so much KOOLER then!!

Later, Mark
Ya'll just keep bringing back memories.......... During high school I worked in a small gas station. A (I'm serious) little old lady brought one of those in for a tune up. Big ol console with a mechanical tach, buckets, floor shift.... I'm not sure which year but early '60s. Biggest engine I had ever seen with that cross ram. After mechanic was done he told me to take it down the street and wash it. You know what happened next... After the wash, I pulled out onto the street and did what any 17 year old would do. That's the closest I ever came to wetting my pants! When I got back mechanic asked me how it ran.."Ok, I guess".
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