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Apparently my Tuesday Laughs thread must of offended someone because the entire thread was taken down, sooo.....

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Land Yachts ROCK!
Learned to drive in a 59 Desoto with a push button transmission. Mom couldn't get it up the lane to home if it was slippery my brother or i drove it fish tailing and coast the last 100 feet so you could get it stopped
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Hey 59,

If I recall...they were MOPAR POWERED?

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That 5,000lb LAND YACHT....looks like its goin' 100mph! Whilst parked!

Later, Mark
That brings back memories ours was 4 door robin egg blue. One of the last Desoto made before Chrysler discontinued the brand. After that the dealer, a client of dad's picked up rambler 63 and 65 ambassador with positract rears had no problem with our lane
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