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Here's the info to send for the letter from Mr. Jinks, the company historian.

Send a USPS letter to Roy Jinks, S&W Historian.

Here's a link to the factory letter request:
Smith & Wesson Collectors Association

Include all possible information on your firearm to make certain the correct information is obtained for you.
Include, the Model Number (if you can properly identify it), the Serial Number that's located on the base of the butt, Barrel length if possible (measured from the muzzle to the forcing cone, where it meets the cylinder face, and a description of the stocks (grips) on it if possible.
NOTE: Any stampings other than the serial number from the butt and the model number are of no value in researching your firearm.

The reply will cost $75.00 (include it with your request) and probably take about 8 weeks or so, maybe quicker, depending on Mr. Jinks
SWCA Members can get the letter for $65 and expedited replies.

Smith & Wesson
attn: Mr. Roy Jinks
PO Box 2208
Springfield, MA. 01102
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