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Hotech green laser/light combo

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Hotech Corporation, anyone heard of them? ... item_id=11

I've been looking at this site for several months, and thinking over back and forth if I wanted to have one of these. Bottom line is, yes I do, for an AR. I just ordered one tonight, a birthday present for myself (Jan. 20th).
If it is a cheap made POS I'll return the thing, but I'm getting the idea that it isn't. I even posted a thread several months ago on AR fifteen dot com, using the Hotech name in the title of the post, asking if anyone had any experience with this laser, nobody ever replied to the thread. I can't find a thing about them anywhere in fact, except on their site.
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Green laser appears to be the coming thing. Supposed to be easier to see. Give us a report after you get it. I don't understand the reasoning behind showing the $100 price lined throug with the new $150 price next to it. Doesn't seem like a good marketing ploy. :?
Doesn't seem like a good marketing ploy.
Maybe it's to make one think they had better buy now, before the price goes up even more..
When I first stumbled across the Hotech site, while looking in to green lasers, the price back then was in fact $180. That would be last spring, probably April of '08. Just as an FYI.
As I look back at the link, I guess it could be $180 with the strike-out line covering the 8 enough to make it look like a 0, but if it is it sure fooled me.
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