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A couple of years ago, I bought some of the newer powders, only to find few sources for reference loads. The new Hornady book includes those powders (BE-86 and CFE Pistol) which are both excellent.

Prior to that I had been using HP-38 (which is Winchester 231) and Titegroup.

Once the panic subsides and powder and components become available again at normal pricing it will be powder - primer - bullet bulk buy time again. Last time, a few of us at the club got together for a bulk buy, and that's kept me reloading through this shortage. Thankfully, I have thousands of pistol cartridge cases recovered from our club ranges. Many are once fired, thanks to competitive events and teaching classes.

Since these books are not recipe books, but rather documentation of controlled and measured experiments, it was important to get the 10th or 11th editions for the additional data on CFE Pistol and BE-86 and the Hornady bullets.
I have used both CFE Pistol and BE-86. The CFE Pistol is pretty good for midrange 357 loads. Its a bit slower than Power Pistol or Unique. BE86 is right between the 2. BE86 has quickly become my favorite 9mm powder. It is pretty much Power Pistol with an added flash suppressant so charge weights arent quite the same, but close
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