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Hollywood gun shop powder drop

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I have been setting up some of the old gear I have. The old powder drop works great. It has a micrometer adjustment. This is an early Hollywood powder drop. I tried several powders Universal, Unique and H110. The powder all dropped all very accurately. I set the powder drop in the rock chucker just to have a temporary place to mount it. Then I threw 100 charges each and measured them on a scale. They all were rite on. I'm impressed with this old powder drop. The powder tube has went black from age. Maybe I can find a new clear tube for it. If not I can make one. All I will need is the clear PVC pipe. That may be hard to find in a small length. Here is the powder drop.

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Some old reloading equipment is just as good or better than the current stuff! If all of the parts are there, it should be used. IMO, all the old Hollywood equipment is first-class gear.

I use a Ideal #5 Powder measure that must be 75-100 years old. It works just as good as my Lyman #55. Since the hopper is cast iron, I've dedicated it to black powder use.

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That's a great powder measure you have.
Redding sells replacement powder hopper tubes... it should be the same diameter...but if you measure you can be sure.


Thanks for the lead and tip. I checked that out and unfortunately the Redding hopper will not work. The Redding hopper is 2"1/8 dia. The tube on the old Hollywood is 2" and it screws into the housing using a standard pipe thread. The end of the hopper tube is threaded. I can get clear pvc and make one with no issues. But that is costly. I can get clear pvc pipe locally but I have to buy 10 feet. At $55 bucks for the 10 feet of clear pvc it is not worth making one. It would be easy to do, but costly. I cleaned up the tube some since the picture. Now it is brown most of the black came off. Changing the tube would be just cosmetic. The tube is sound just a funky color. As the antique people say it has patina.
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