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Hog Getter!

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I know I'll get mixed reactions, but.................... I ran into a little windfall from the death of a distant relative and am actually thinking about buying an upper for my AR in .458 SOCOM. Just a wild hair but I like the idea of shooting a 300 to 500 grain bullet from an AR platform. I'd like to think it would be great for huntin the feral hogs we have around here. It would only be good for 100 to 150 yds. before it started dropping off quite rapidly. Kinda' slow in fps but a whole lot of bullet mass going down range.
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I shot one of the first ones Bushmaster made and then one of the regular production uppers a few weeks ago..... the owner had an Trijicon ACOG mounted and I have say I was impressed.

That monster should do fine on hogs.... in fact, the originally concept was brought to Bushmaster by a bunch of Georgia Hog Hunters.

I wouldn't rule it out past 150 yards.... we were hitting paper plates regularly well past that range with the ACOG ...

Thanks for the input. I haven't shot one yet so all info is appreciated.
Charlie said:
Thanks for the input. I haven't shot one yet so all info is appreciated.
Don't waste the money! Buy ammo and a few nice Smiths maybe a few let me see if I can get this out Rug............. nope , :mrgreen: but anyway I won't just to have a few shots with it. Get something you can use all the time. Just my opinion! mytwocents
I don't buy anything in oddball calibers. I stick with .22LR, .357/.38, .30-30, and 20 ga. shotguns. All ammo is fairly cheap and readily available at WALMART. I can also afford to shoot what I buy!!! :eek: ( Just my philosophy on guns and shooting. :D) Bob
I appreciate all the comments. I'm presently not dedicated to getting the "odd ball" calibers and am still considering things. I do reload so I think that might be an advantage should I get an upper in a non-standard caliber. By the way, does anyone know offhand if the flat-top on a
Colt AR has a true "picatinny" rail? I'm in the process of purchasing a Burris 1.5-6 30mm scope and Burris rings that attach to a picatinny rail. I'm not real sure of the differences on the flat-tops. Any help would be greatly appreciated (I'm calling Burris tomorrow to verify it will fit).
:D charlie get a 45/70 and cast your own bullets for those hogs :D .
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