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Thought I would post something possibly interesting to S&W fans.

Early 70's I worked for an American Shipping company. Headquarters New York my office was in a Southern state. We had a number of old ships that were being laid up as they became obsolete. Way it worked was the Government took the vessel over for the reserve fleet but the vessels furnishings remained the property of the Ships former owner. Every one had a NIB S&W M 10 4 inch and two boxes of Nickel 158 gr RN in the safe. Since the Headquarters were in New York City and subject to the Sullivan law it was not possible to ship the guns to the home office. I ended up with a a dozen or more M 10's & Pre M 10 M&P's locked in a filing cabinet. Most had a receipt from Jovino in the box, home office was only a few blocks from his shop.

One morning I noticed somebody had tried to pry the cabinet open, nothing missing. Took all of the revolvers to a local gun shop, large well known place knew the owner well. Checked them in for "cleaning" got a receipt and put it with a letter in a file. Well the American shipping company went the way of most, bankrupt. When they stopped paying us we all left with no concern about what we left behind. Office was cleaned out by the buildings owner and as far as I know the files all thrown away. Gun shop is still on business but owner has long since passed and new people run it now.

No telling what happened to the Smith's

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