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First new revolver I ever bought was a six inch S&W Model 28-2. Purchased it at Arvins Pawn Shop, Macon Ga. about 1980. Shot the unmerciful hound out of it with every handload I could afford to concoct and fire in it. Should have known better. But, young and dumb does not bode well for lots of things, especially when it comes to shooting a revolver hard. It got to looking old and I was getting interested in 1911's, so it went down the road. In 2000, my brother gave me a six inch 28-2 in just about new condition. I was thrilled. He had a pair of 28's, a six and a four inch. I did so want a four inch 28. In 2012, I traded for a four inch 28-2 in just about unfired condition. Both revolvers have now been shot a lot ... but not using hard, heavy, atomic powered loads like I used back about 1985. They are both in extremely good condition. Reckon why? Of the two, I like the six inch best. My brother is deceased. Every time I handle it, shoot it, just enjoy looking at it, I think of that day at the range when he ask
1 - 1 of 37 Posts