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I bought a old Sentiel a few weeks ago. When I took it to the range I discovered the ejector spring was bad. So, get the needle nose out and pull out the pieces. Ordered new spring from Jack First.
Then the fun started. If you have never took a Sentiel cyl apart,don't. The wife and I didn't have enough hands to reassemble it. After about 2 hours trying to get everything lined up the wife said
ley it rest. Go to bed.
The next a.m. I decided to change how I was going to fix it. Here is a pic of my clamp I built. Don't laugh, it worked. If it looks to you like something I made in 15min and didn't cost anything, you're right. Worked great. Now I have a beatup old Sentiel that shoots and works a lot better than it looks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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