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High Praise for RCBS

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I bought a RCBS Pro-Melt lead furnace in the late 1970s after the element in my small Lee melter burned up. It was fairly expensive at the time, but I've used it for all of my casting ever since.

Several years ago, it started alternating between profusely dribbling lead or plugging badly. When it would plug up, I reverted to using the dipper. It finally plugged entirely, so I just quit using the bottom-pour feature altogether. During my last casting session, I burned my thumb while dinking with the hot when everything cooled off, I packaged the furnace up with a letter explaining my dis-satisfaction and Fed-Ex'd it back to Oroville.

Three weeks later, it returned with a new pot, heating element, thermostat, and all of the new and improved bottom-pour hardware offered on their latest model!

No questions! No demands for a 30 year old receipt! ...and they paid the return postage!

I'm firing it up tomorrow afternoon to make sure everything is OK

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That is amazing, and speaks volumes of the people running the place. It is rare anymore where customer and service can truly be used in the same sentence with one another.
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