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HI YA'LL,, From Kentucky!!

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I currently own 2 Smiths, 1911PD which is my CCW and a M360 I just purchased new to backup the PD.
I am an NRA member, NorthAmerican Hunting Club Life Member and the Patriot Guard
as well as several other organisations.
Proud too be here.
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Glad to have you here! Welcome
azmick said:
Glad to have you here! Welcome
+1! Also, A special thank you and thumbs up for your work with the Patriot Guard. goodjob01
Welcome to the forum! welcome01
Hi kyredneck1911,

A warm welcome to the forum, welcome01

Visit and post often. :clap:
Hi and a hearty welcome, Mike.
It's always gratifying to see memberships like yours! ;)
Hi and welcome from a fellow Kentuckian. :cool:
One Kentuckian welcoming a fellow Kentuckian!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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