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Cool forum, glad to be a member!

Ever since I got my first Smith 15 years ago I have been an addict. It was a 586-3 6 inch and the most accurate handguns I have ever had. Like a fool I traded it but as a kid with a new family I did not have much cash flow and had to give something up to get something else. I went to the dark side for a while and concentrated on auto pistols but I did learn what I liked as far as autos are concerned.

I started picking up a few smiths over the years and have gone crazy latley getting what I want. I have picked up these all in the last two years;

686-4 6 inch mint
686-3 4 inch mint
10-8 3 inch HB mint
29-2 6.5 inch nickel mint
629 no dash 6 inch
629-1 6 inch mint
629-3 classic DX 5 inch 1993
629-4 mountain gun
36-1 3 inch

And if anyone can tell me how to post pictures it would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum! welcome01

It sounds like you've got a pretty nice collection! I'm looking forward to seeing pics..

Speaking of pics, if you go to 'the Lounge', there's a sticky at the top that explains how to post pics. :D

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Revolverman... welcome aboard! Glad to have you here...

posting pictures is pretty easy
1. go to photobucket (creating an account is easy and free)
2. put the cursor over the pic you want to post
3. click on the "IMG CODE" option
4. come over here, and in the box where you type your text, just right click and hit paste.

have Fun!

p.s. Carl beat me to it... there is a sticky in the lounge also...
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