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hey cpierce and gimle

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You guys putting in for any tags this year?
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Hi Dan I,m buying the whole hunting fishing package. :D
Do you have to put in for tags and be drawn to hunt elk and deer in oregon?
Hi onenut no we don't, with the exception hunting in eastern Oregon. In western Oregon we have Roosevelt , and rocky mt, elk. Black tail , mule. and some white tail deer. In eastern Oregon they have rocky mt elk and mostly mule deer. If you live in western oregon you have to draw tags for the eastern part of the state.
Ok I have been thinking about doing my hunting in oregon and seen where you were talking about putting in for tags and I thought.Maybe they are talking about cow tags like some states have started. Or did they go and make it where you gotta draw a tag just to hunt like in this god for saken state I am living in now.
Between the wolves and cougars it wouldnt have suprised me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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