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Dear all advice please?

I live abroad so no gun broker, lew horton or any other US source for my competition revolvers.

My jurisdiction is very sensitive about handguns with short barrels and may not allow me to import a 625JM in the typical 4" barrel length.

S&W used to do a 51/4" version, but they have taken it off their website, If i run into trouble with the 4" what can i tell my local dealer to look for and how would he do it?

How annoying for S&W to suddenly do this, the 51/4" 625 had a great look as well. I have a whole bunch of freinds that want one each, so we may have a small group buy going on. I wonder if performance centre will talk to us? I sent them several emails, but they don't seem to reply to consumers directly, does anyone on the board have a good offcial S&W contact?

many thanks, TM
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