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help on mod 19-3 blued 4"

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I have a model 19-3 blued with 4" barrel in 357 mag.serial nr mint conduction can some one help me about it's history and date?I brought it 2 weeks ago and still not fired it.
I know it its old about late 60's but I like the model very much.sorry for my english, I'm maltese ;)

Thanks for help.
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Hey Z!

Your 19-3 was probably shipped in 1971. These are fine guns and the 4" length is a good compromise between portability and length of sight radius. This length is about as short as you want to go for optimum usage of the .357 magnum cartridge....

I wonder how this Smith wandered all the way across the Atlantic and halfway across the Med... I'm sure the other fellas and gals here are curious so I'll ask for us all... what kind of issues does a Maltese (people, not the dogs) have to own firearms privately there and is ammo tough to get? Do many Maltese own firearms? Generally, what is the gun culture like on your Island?

Hi Drew.

This gun was in germany,gunshops here buy second hand from.( find a good mix of ammo which here is expensive. win,S&B,Fiocchi,cci ect.

Maltese are great loves of guns and military items.we are very small but have great military history.
Yes we can own guns for collection,and range/hunting use only.we can't carry for self defense.
and need to be a member of a club to the law permits to buy up to 10 gun for range use :oops: and for collection only no limits.
Please visit our clubs forum on.

rgs zorro
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