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Hey folks, thought I better pull this over from the "another .44 thread". I have a .455 HE 2nd model that originally went to the Canadian forces (broad arrow stamps). At some time, someone converted it to a .44 special target gun. Ever since getting it one thing that troubled me was understanding why it had a short DA throw, less than 2/3 of SA throw.

I seem to remember addressing this awhile back and with a little help came to the conclusion it had the same hammer/trigger combination as a Triplelock (based on x-ray pics in Jink's book - now packed and stored for move :? , and someone's memory that the British contract guns (2nd models) used the same hammer/trigger arrangement as the TL ( maybe some sense here for maintenance reasons)).

From what I can see there's no indication of an offset hammer stud (as can be seen in pics), so not modified in a manner like King. So the question is (drumroll please...); Did the British contract 2nd model HE's use the same hammer/trigger arrangement as the TL (assuming they're different than the rest of the 2nd models); and would this account for the shorter action?

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