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Help on converted .455 HE 2nd.

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Hey folks, thought I better pull this over from the "another .44 thread". I have a .455 HE 2nd model that originally went to the Canadian forces (broad arrow stamps). At some time, someone converted it to a .44 special target gun. Ever since getting it one thing that troubled me was understanding why it had a short DA throw, less than 2/3 of SA throw.

I seem to remember addressing this awhile back and with a little help came to the conclusion it had the same hammer/trigger combination as a Triplelock (based on x-ray pics in Jink's book - now packed and stored for move :? , and someone's memory that the British contract guns (2nd models) used the same hammer/trigger arrangement as the TL ( maybe some sense here for maintenance reasons)).

From what I can see there's no indication of an offset hammer stud (as can be seen in pics), so not modified in a manner like King. So the question is (drumroll please...); Did the British contract 2nd model HE's use the same hammer/trigger arrangement as the TL (assuming they're different than the rest of the 2nd models); and would this account for the shorter action?

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The Brit guns were regular production models. The short hammer is undoubtedly the work of the smith who did the sights and other mods. Somebody was doing some serious target shooting with this thing and modifying the hammer throw was done to shorten lock time.
SP, thanks for the follow up.
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