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Hello everyone!

Newbie here. Hope you gun enthusiasts will enjoy seeing and providing some information and clarity on this revolver. I am doing this for my father who recently was going through some boxes of my grandfathers items. We have done some research, however we are finding conflicting or confusing information based on the numbers on and of the gun. Side of the barrel reads 38 S&W OTG. Bottom of handle reads 169225. Being a 5 inch barrel and hammerless, the information sometimes gets confusing as I have not been able to find too much information about a 5 inch barrel matching what we are finding.

Also, my father (who is excited that I am posting this for him) keeps referring to the handle as "mother of pearl" and wants to know if the revolver was manufactured with that handle or it its an aftermarket replacement? We also keep reading that these guys were associated with police or military?

Any and all information is welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Not much help as I don't know much about top breaks. The OTG is really CTG meaning it fires .38SW rounds not .38 Specials.
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